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The Marquelare a place to communicate and have mature discussions surrounding the forum. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary, that all participants abide by the the rules, as outlined below. Any user who does not follow these rules will have their permission to use these forums removed.

Please note that all rules are subject to change at any given time. The moderation teams decision is final.

General Rules


1. Language
You can now talk tagalog in all threads . But if you wanna appear witty and smart, then post in english.The use of language which is sexually explicit, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive is forbidden. This includes both clear and implied language, images, or links to websites with such content. Posts and thread titles consisting of this language will be edited accordingly.

Moderator action: Edit Posts, Warning dependant on rudeness of poster. Continue posting in wrong section 10% warn or 1 week suspended (Board Account)


2. Harassment
Harassing other players is not acceptable. While discussions in a game-related content is allowed, personal attacks
are forbidden. This includes the distribution, release or discussion of any real-life, personal, or private information both real life and game related about other players or moderators of this forum. For example, posting phone numbers, home addresses, email-adresses etc. is not allowed. Repeatedly targeting a specific player or persons with harassment will lead to further action.

Moderator action:
Mods will delete all posts that are deemed harassing after the victim has stated that they do not want further communication with the harasser. In the case of sexual harassment, all offending posts will be deleted. Posts which contain private information about a player or family whether it be real life or game related will be edited accordingly.


3. Respect
You must respect others and their rights to enjoy this game and the forums. In order to show proper respect, you
may not defraud, harass, threaten, insult, name call, or cause distress and/or unwanted attention to other players or the moderators. This includes using words which do not fall under the coverage of rule 1 concerning inappropriate language. Patronizing new players/posters will be frowned upon.

Moderator action: Posts which are deemed to be disrespectful to others or immature will be edited accordingly.


4. Constructive
Be constructive, when posting something. You should quote relevant and necessary text that you relate to, or if
appropriate, provide a link to the originating source. If you want to criticize ideas, back your opinion with facts or suggestions. You shouldnot make posts or threads that are solely intended to create controversy, anger, present misinformation or contain personal issues with other members of the game or forums.

Moderator action: Posts which are unconstructive or unhelpful will be construed as spam and edited accordingly.


5. Correct boards
There are many different categories to be found in the forums – for a good reason. To make it easier for visitors
and readers to find what they are looking for, take the time and create your threads in the appropriate sections of the board. While we accept that users make mistakes and can become confused by the categories, we will not accept blatant acts of posting threads in the wrong sections, often due to the desire of the poster to gain increased exposure. Action
will be taken against continued abusers.

Moderator action: Threads created on incorrect boards will be moved to the correct forum.


6. Flaming and trolling
You should not attack/provoke others into verbal fights, or create posts intended to cause unrest. This includes immature name-calling and personal conflicts with other members.

Moderator action:
Posts deemed to fall under this category will be edited by mods. Offending threads will be closed. Multiple instances will be deleted. Offending user(s) will be warned. Continued abuse will lead to a ban from the forums.


7. Spamming

„Spam“ in general is unwanted and should be avoided. Stay on Topic and keep personal one-to-one discussions out of threads.

Moderator action: All spam will be deleted.


8. Links
Do not post links to sites that have no direct connection to Adikgaming Network or its publisher to the other server. No linking to websites that would contain content in violation of any forum or game rules stated here. No linking to sites that market,promote or advertise non-Cabal Online-related business, organizations, peoples or websites. Questionable links will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Moderator action: Posts containing offending material will be edited.


9.Direct/Indirect Assault on the Credibility of Admins/Owner/Mods
Offensive remarks addressed towards the decisions of Admins/Owner/Mods or to the person himself are considered an
attack over a person in authority.Penalty:BAN/SUSPENDED (Game, Board or IP Banning))


10. Impersonations
Do not impersonate or pass yourself off as any other Admin, developer, moderator. This includes creating similar variances upon names in order to deceive, misrepresent or post false information to others.

Moderator action: Posts made by impersonators will be edited accordingly. Impersonators will get banned and the Admin will be informed.


11. Don't spam the boards with the same message
Spamming is repeatedly posting the same topic in different section of the board, in the hopes that the message will be seen by all. This is a bad habit by certain individuals.Double posting of the same message in the same thread is also
considered spamming.

Moderator action: Penalty: 10% warn or continue spamming will lead to 3 days suspended (Board Account)


12. Inappropriate names
Illegal nicks are those which contain inappropriate language as detailed in rule 1. Furthermore, no nicks are allowed whose intention is to belittle the conditions of others or impersonate anyone or are in any way obscene, vulgar, or profane.

Moderator action: Offending posts which fall under this category will be deleted. The forum nick will be removed and the Admin will be informed to check the ingame character name.
Penalty: 10% warn or 3 days suspended (Board Account)


13. Signatures and avatars
Your avatar must be no bigger than 80 pixels by 64 pixels in size and no larger than 25 KB. Signatures are limited to a size of 500 x 150 pixels or 8 lines of text (in a combination of picture and text a line of text counts as 20 pixels). Images in signatures may not be larger than 500KB. What can and cannot be included in signatures and images for avatars follows the same rules and regulations as anything else posted in these forums.

Moderator action: Illegal signatures or avatars will be removed and a warning will be given. Re-offenders will face severe penalties
Penalty: 10% warn or 3 days suspended (Board Account).


14. Closed threads
Closed threads have been closed for a reason. If this happened, to not – under any circumstances – repost it in any form. On questions, why your thread has been closed/deleted or moved, please contact the forum moderators.

Moderator action:
Repeatedly reposted or reopened threads will be deleted.
Penalty: 10% warn or 3 days suspended (Board Account)


15 .Post legibly
Because not all readers can read this: 4r3 l337 haxx0rz… or ç?|| r??d ?$ç||, r|gh+¿

Penalty: 10% warn

16. Posting of adult material on the Board
This is strictly not allowed. No movies, avatars, signatures and pictures in your posts should depict any adult related content. By adult related content, we include pornography, nudity but not restricted to only these. This is strictly not allowed.

Penalty: 10% warn or 1 week suspended (Board Account)


17. No Flaming, keep your cool! [size]
Flaming means typing in CAPITAL LETTERS LIKE THIS, because it’ll mean you’re shouting. Many discussions degenerate into arguments when people begin to shout, and it also holds true online. Posts considered as flaming includes extremely large font sizes, sarcasm, and the like.

Penalty: 10% warn or 3 days suspended (Board Account)


18. Failure to comply to the rules
Continuous failure to comply to these forumrules will result in a mod-issued forum warning in the offending thread. Further offences made following this warning could result in a temporary or permanent forum or account block, depending on the severityof the offence. You may appeal a decision made by Admin/forum mods by discussing the punishment with a GM.


If you want your warning level to be lowered. You must help newbies or new players in their minor problems! The moderators keep a keen eye on those who should be rewarded this oppurtunity.



Uploading of avatars is enabled. But you ought to abide the rules of having avatars. No DISRESPECTFUL or any
Avatars that expresses PROFANITY and has nudity are not allowed. This will automatically ban the account of the user.

Language used in this board
Majority of the members arespeaking Tagalog language, and not all of us can understand the Tagaloglanguage. As a result, put into practice using English language so that all of us can communicate each other properly.

• Lost Passwords!?
If you lost your password for your boards account, don't make a new account. Use the forgot password feature of the boards.

• Give respect to everyone in the boards.
Just as you would like to be respected, get the first initiative and be respectful of others. It has good results and good karma too.

• Have fun and Enjoy!
Very Important. The guidelines are for everyone's enjoyment, and when everyone observes the rules, everyone is happy.


P.S. Everyone is expected to abide with therules. Account Termination will be made if Warn exceeds 90% without any
condsideration whatsoever...

This rules is effective from Today,

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